Different gear, still speeding

February 7th, 2017, written by thomas

Okay guys, an update from us is long overdue. We are still in the Canary Islands and we have decided not to sail further, for a myriad of reasons.

First, the relationship between Kristy & me has suffered from being on the boat, which is totally my fault for beeing to nervous and stressed out regarding all things boat related. On top of that, Kristy is facing some health issues and needs more adjustment and availability of medication then we have thought. I constantly have the feeling of not being productive (you know, I develop software with passion) enough on the boat, in the prime of my life.

These sentences just scratch the surface of what is going on in our minds. Luckily we are able to jump right into the next phase of our lifes and Kristy has started studying “International Studies” with a focus on social sciences, inequality and social differences. And I have accepted the offer of my old university to start my PhD studies in “Information Systems” this year.

In order to go back to land-life we spent the last month back in Germany (well actually only 3 weeks, we speezed in a little roadtrip through Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria in one week 🙂) figuring everything out.

But what about Tuuli, you might ask. We have decided to keep her on the Canary Islands for now. The boat is up for sale and if you know anybody interested in a 31″ steelboat with lots of equipment, drop us a message!

If Tuuli does not sell here, we’ll probably sail her back, whenever we have time, during the warmer month of the year. But we don’t have any fixed plans there yet. As I’ve said before on this blog or in the videos: there are no plans in sailing. And that is totally true, we experienced that on our sails daily.

It was fun and educational to outfit Tuuli for long term cruising. We have learned new things about electronics, plumbing, working with steel and paint. All this will come in handy in our life. And I am also proud how far we were able to sail, given that the first day of our journey was also the first day in open waters.

There is still some (really cool) video footage that needs to be edited, but I have not gotten my hands on that yet. I have already been busy writing my first PhD paper, which if accepted opens up the oppertunity to travel to South Korea in late 2017. So you see, we won’t stop traveling (that is technically impossible for Kristy anyway, she was born as a traveler) we just switch to a different gear and are still speeding up 🚀

Keep following the blog, the YouTube channel and on all other social media and we’ll keep you up to date, now that these news are out. Lots of love from Tuuli and the Canary Islands.