From A Coruna to Porto

October 15th, 2016, written by thomas

After crossing the Bay of Biscay, we took a week off sailing and spent some days in A Coruña together with the guys from our little Biscay-fleet. Namely Divina Remi, Landkrabbene, Mila and Rosanna.

A Coruña is a wonderful city and it felt great to walk the streets at night when the Spanish city comes to life. We also had lots of fun on the beach with the crazy waves.

From A Coruña the fleet sailed on to the Ría de Camariñas and we stayed at anchor for a couple of nights, enjoying bonfires every evening on the beach.

From Camariñas our ways split up a bit. We left the anchoring spot last and tried to nightsail around the Cape Finisterre, the “End of Land”. Unfortunately the wind picked up an uncomfortable amount at the cape and Tuuli seeked shelter in the bay of Finisterre.

The marina there was weird, entering at nighttime we saw a minefield of anchored fishing vessels in front of the marina and no free spot in the tiny marina. We turned around and fought against the 25 knots of wind blowing into the marina entrance. In this wind and at night-time we dropped anchor in the northern part of the bay and surprisingly the anchor held rock solid thoughout the rolly night.

The next day we continued our sail to the Ría de Vigo, hoping to drop anchor at the beautiful Islas Cíes. But the natural reserve permission system of Spain would make it too complicated to approach the island, with lots of email traffic beforehand. Instead we chose to follow our Swedish friends from Divina Remi and dropped anchor at a tiny beach right around the entrace to the Ría de Vigo. Our stay there was amazing and probably as beautiful as the Cíes islands would have been. In the evening: bonfire with the Swedes and the Norwegen boat “Landkrabbene”.

For some more rainy days ahead, we moved Tuuli into the city marina of Vigo and explored the city together with the crew of “Rosanna”. Vigo combines beautiful old architecture with the liveliness of a modern city. We enjoyed our 2 night stay a lot.

But then it was time for our fleet to sail on to Portugal. Porto is our destination, but more about that: soon…