We crossed the Bay of Biscay!

October 2nd, 2016, written by Kristy Brüggemann

We made it! We dropped off the continental shelf and managed to climb up the other side! We crossed the Biscay! What a journey!

It took us 77 hours at sea, and there are just too many words. We were very lucky with the weather, but there wasn’t much wind, so our wind steering vane was of little help. Night shifts took their toll, but gave us an amazing opportunity to see so many bands of stars they could not even be individually distinguished.

There were dolphins dancing around us, activating the bioluminescent plankton, leaving glowing trails in the water. There was something else glowing as well, but more so flickering and glittering like tiny round stars in the sea.

We had a massive whale surface for air directly to starboard, and we made in impromptu heave to. Whales ALWAYS have the right-of-way. There was the Spanish sun, and dreaded fog, and 24 hours of seeing nothing and no one. Navigation, and staying on course was interesting in huge Atlantic swells, but we did it!

We left with a pack of other young sailors from Sweden, Finland, England, Norway, and another German boat. We have all arrived here in A Coruña, and it’s going to be a celebration. Last boat in owes us all a round! It’s great to have sunlight, meet new people, and dolphins. DOLPHINS. Seriously, they are great. Next stop: Portugal