“We finally left!!!” or “Our first leg to Dieppe”

September 8th, 2016, written by Kristy Brüggemann

After 57 hours at sea we washed up on the beaches of Normandy. We arrived yesterday in a beautiful place called Port de Dieppe, surrounded by white chalk cliffs and stoney beaches.

We have mostly slept since arriving after so long sharing night watch duties through busy shipping channels.

We left Holland in really wild conditions, and managed to mostly avoid sea sickness. As things usually go, once we were out of Holland, the winds completely died on us. We had to motor quite a while, and due to weather reports for the coming days, we decided to completely avoid land fall in Belgium, and trucked onward past Calais.

Calais looked beautiful from sea, and it was amazing to sea Dover on starbord and Calais to port. You never really imagine these places as close as they actually are. Port de Dieppe is really nice, from what we have seen.

We have really only gone ashore to check into France, pick up postcards to send to the little ones I cared for, and grab a snack on the beach. After not spending any money at sea for three days, in France, two large fries, and two agua frescos set us back seventeen euros. Oh France.

And although we are just on the other side of the English channel, only the harbour office has spoken English, not even the tourist shop where we purchased postcards. The tides here are also remarkable, our harbour is set on the edge of a cliff, where at low tide people stand and take pictures out to sea, and at high tide, the docks float up to the top of the breakwater cliffs, putting the town at sea-level.

Tomorrow, when the tide is flowing out to sea, and the winds are blowing southerly, we plan to disembark in the direction of Cherbourg. It is a very optimistic route to say we will make it there in one leg, but it is the next big step.

We’ve conquered the North Sea, as well as parts of the English Channel, next is then the dreadedly wild Bay of Biscay.